The complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other values in following applications:
  • Server rooms, data centers
  • Food and beverages industry (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (GMP)
  • Blood stations, pharmacies
  • Horticulture and cultivation of plants
  • HVAC - heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling
  • Building and energy management
  • Building automation
  • Research and development
  • Laboratories (GLP)
Universal sixteen channel data logger is designed for data acquisition from sensors of variety values, alarm state indication, optionally for control of consecutive processes. Data is possible to download to the PC via USB, RS232, Ethernet interfaces or GSM modem for processing.
Main advantage - user configurable inputs from PC program without any need to open the data logger unit. Each data logger contains 16 inputs for measurement and record of both analog and two-state values. Each input is individually configurable from user PC program to one from 17 measuring ranges. Also signals from sensors working on RS485 bus with ModBus or Advantech protocol can be recorded.

Product web page: Universal monitoring system MS6D.

MIB table for SNMPv1 protocol snmp.mib / oid.txt.
ModbusTCP registers modbus.txt.
Online data from XML file values.xml.

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